OK so this was a weird one. I updated my lab environment which runs on a Windows 8 Hyper-V install. I tried installing the pre-requirements for SharePoint 2013 but it kept failing. I then tried running Windows Update and got a code 8024402F. Everything that people were saying indicated that it was indicating a connection issue. Um, what? I can browse the web on this VM, why isn’t it windows update working? After some digging online I found a response to a post about a similar question.


The poster blamed the offloading settings on the broadcom NIC they were using. Mine is a realtek, however when I checked it did have offloading settings. I decided what the heck and disabled the following NIC adapter settings.

  • ARP offloading
  • Large send offloading
  • TCP checksum offloading
  • UDP checksum offloading

Example below:

Windows Update error code 8024402F on Hyper-V guests


After disabling the offloading features shown above, the SharePoint 2013 pre-requisite installer started actually working. One of those quirks of running a Hyper-V lab I guess.

Update: well I guess I was wrong on this. the issue started happening again. I’ll update the post when I find the resolution.

Update: Its been a while since I updated this but I was not able to find an easy solution with the existing setup. I ended up buying a dedicated NIC for the hyper-v guests. So the system has two, one for the guests and another dedicated for the OS.