Searching through SharePoint 2010 ULS logs can be like looking for a needle in a haystack if you don’t use the get-splogevent and or merge-splogfile cmdlets. For example if you use those two cmdlets to search for a correlation ID you can get a neatly packaged txt file that tells you just the events related to your correlation ID.

$correlationID = “25ee9d21-d3c6-4075-9420-9b00c874b6ae”
Merge-SPLogFile –Path E:\$correlationID.log –Correlation $correlationID
Get-SPLogEvent -File E:\$correlationID.log | Out-GridView

However what if you are on a computer that isn’t part of the SharePoint farm (No SP cmdlets). You can use Import-Csv to load the same file. You just need to tell it to load the headers, (it may be cleaner if you delete the headers from the log file first).

$file = Import-Csv -Delimiter “`t” .\ULS.log -Header Timestamp,Process,TID,Area,Category,EventID,Level,Message,Correlation
$file | Out-GridView

You can of course add your own filtering to the command, however I like using the Out-Gridview cmdlet since it allows filtering on the various columns.
Of course if you have a ULS viewer that would work as well. 🙂