Well we’ve been running with Data Protection Manager 2007 for a while now. My opinion..meh. I did setup a script to do a semi-auto install of the agent manually on a server.

net use z: “\dpm\c$\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Agents\RA\2.0.5820.0\i386”
dpmagentinstaller.exe dpm.domain.com
“c:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin\setdpmserver.exe -dpmservername dpm”
net use z: /delete

Essentially it maps a the install source to a drive letter (I know not necessary), changes to the working directory, installs the agent, configures the agent, and then removes the drive mapping. Ooooooo. 🙂 Not a very challenging script.

On the DPM server you need to start up the DPM shell and run the following command to get the new DPM agent to show up in the console.

Attach-ProductionServer.ps1 -DPMServername [dpmserver] -PSName [Production serve
r] -Username [PS admin username] -Password [Password] -domain [User domain]

You just need to fill in your information. Thats the process to manually install the DPM agent on a server and then bring it into the DPM server.