WTF is all I can say about the new Windows server backup that replaced ntbackup. Yes SB has some nice features and I can almost understand the lack of support for tape drives, but lets be honest. How good of a practice is it to keep your backups on the very server you are backing up!!!

You can however use some command line arguments to do a full backup of a 2008 domain controller to a network share.

wbadmin start backup -backuptarget:\server\backups\dc -include:c: -AllCritical -quiet

From what I’ve read there is no way to do incremental backups like this so it will overwrite the backup with another full backup everytime.

Oh and you can’t do system state backups to network shares either. There is however a registry hack (KB 944530) that will allow you to use Server Backup to backup the system state to the c drive. You can then move the system state backup to a network share with a script.

I’m thinking about setting up an openfiler iscsi server and trying to backup through iscsi.

If anyone knows of a better way to backup a 2008 controller please post a comment.

Update: This is a REALLY late update, but MS has changed this. SB in 2008 R2 also supports backup to network share.