Now that I have some basic monitoring setup for our procurve infrastructure, I’m going to be working on getting some monitoring setup for the servers. I came across SNMP-Informant which looks interesting. Although I’d like to try and do the monitoring without installing a bunch of 3rd party software on our servers. I’ll be shooting for just using hte SNMP service that can be installed with windows server.

I also found this, which indicates how to install services from the command line Sysocmgr.exe. It may work for installing the SNMP service via GPO startup script. Here is the MS support article for those interested. According to the MS support article sysocmgr.exe does not apply to Server 2008. There is a good article here that gives an example for doing this.

For feature management in server 2008 use ocsetup.exe. The article here shows how to install the SNMP feature as well as some other features and roles.