Well we have started looking into the feasability of converting the campus labs to virtual desktops. I’m currently looking at either Citrix XenDesktop or VMWare View for the software. We already have the beginnings of a vmware system for the server side so I’ll probably go with the VMWare View for consistancy. For thin clients I’m looking at the Wyse V10L.

So far the only college that I can find that has posted about their VDI project is Rockhurst. From what I can tell their project was about 100 computers larger than what ours will be.
The driving force behind this is of course money. Our primary focus is to cut back on the amount of power the campus labs use. Although the actual savings from a project like this with a campus our size remains to be seen.
Most of the VDI solutions I’ve looked into have some form of remote access. It would be kind of cool to offer students a virtual lab computer that could be access from anywhere on the internet at anytime. For example, students could meet at a coffee house to work on a project with software that is only installed on campus lab computers.
I’ll keep postingon this if the project gets past the “OMG it costs that much!!!” phase.