Lots of people are talking about green IT. Last week I sat in on a live Educause webcast put on by Stanford. They had several interesting ideas about saving energy with little to no investment.

Instead of of screen savers use standby/sleep settings

Screen savers are meant to prevent burn in not save power. If you think about it more closely, screen savers actually use a bit more power than just having the computer sit idle since the video processing capabilities must be called on to display the pretty picture. Standy by can be made to require a password just like a screen saver as well if you are concerned about security. (Better than standby just turn the PC off)</p>
Turn speakers off when not using them
They draw power, turn them off. </p>

Laptops use much less power
Laptops can use less power than a tower pc. Although they do cost more overall.</div>

Set all printers to double sided where possible
 If your printers support duplexing set them to do so. It will waste less paper.
Centralized printers – no office printers
This one may be hard to pull off politically. When we tried to do this here the people that didn’t yell and screem actually hid their deskjets or took them home temporarily while we did our rounds.
I’m sure there are plenty more things that can be done to reduce energy and resource usage. If you think of any leave a comment.
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